Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S.

  • El Vínculo Bituminous Asphalt Mixing Plant With the capacity to produce 200 tons of mixture per hour.
  • Bosa Bituminous Asphalt Mixing Plant This is one of the most modern plants in all of Latin America due to the vast production and consumption of environmentally friendly fuels (gas natural).
  • Lulos river The exploitation is performed in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan which is controlled via periodic topographic and site inspections.
  • El Vínculo Quarry The exploitation is performed respecting the requirements of the environmental license and the environment is recuperated so as to preserve it.
  • Palma del Nogal I Building A housing building constructed 14 years ago that has 21 apartments.
  • Protección Building An office building that was constructed 8 years ago that consists of eight floors of offices, each office larger than 950m2. The ground level has commercial stores.


We have 3 asphalt mixture plants that operate in Bogota and Buga, through which we obtain the materials required for our works and produce the asphalt mixtures that comply with the current country regulations.

The plants characteristics are described below:

Sibaté plant (Bogotá, Cundinamarca)
Brand: Astec
Type: Continuous flow
Production Capacity: 200 tons/hour
Type of fuel: Natural gas

Vinculo plant (Buga, Valle del Cauca)
Brand: Estandaro
Type: Batch
Production Capacity: 80 tons/hour
Type of fuel: Oil fuel

Tesalia plant (Tesalia, Huila)
Brand: Astec
Type: Continuous flow
Production Capacity: 120-150 ton/hour
Type of fuel: Methane Gas

We also have 2 laboratories through which we control the mixture produced to guarantee its quality and compliance of required specifications.